Double the Lock Double the Security

It’s easy to assume that there’s no point in installing two or more locks on your doors if you’ve already given your trust in the first one you installed. This isn’t true. As long as your door isn’t crowded or the structure of the door and frame itself aren’t compromised, it’s good to have a few extra locks especially if it’s the front door or your home or establishment.

Any lock type is appropriate, it all depends on the function you want them to have. After all, they’ll automatically bring that higher level of security already. Common types of secondary locks may include mortise and latch locks for the ease of installment and the extra function they provide. Automatic lock and padlock application respectively.

Some people may only consider the idea of a second lock once their home has gotten some years in. The passage of time alone has made their original lock’s security deteriorate a bit. Although it still serves its purpose, the additional lock may bring them peace of mind.

Although it is a good idea, reconsider getting more locks if you already have three or more especially if it’s on a common wooden door. It could just make the wood weaker and make the locks useless altogether.

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