Matching Old Equipment

Whenever you get your locks repaired or replaced, you may be wondering when your locksmith will often ask what the exact brand and model of your current locks are. This is due to how some locks are built into the doors with their own specific measurements and changing into a different lock that doesn’t match may create more unnecessary damage to your doors, compromising the level of security that it can potentially provide. Always ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth by looking after what type of locks are replacing your old ones.

Always contact your local locksmith for their services and advice. This ensures that the person you’re contacting is familiar with the level of security that’s ideal for your property and they know where to source the locks you currently have because it is highly likely that it is in your area as well. By helping local businesses, you are able to ensure that the prices you’re quoted are competitive and the cheapest they could be due to the lack of need to pay for excessive transportation.

For any security-related inquiry, feel free to contact us anytime at Easy Locks NI and we’ll gladly help you out. If this intrigues you, you may look through our highly informative website, read through our posts on our GMB Page, or scan the reviews that we’ve posted on our Facebook Page. Contact us now, our locksmiths would love to help you out and provide the advice that you need without any strings attached.

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