Amateur Error

Whenever we encounter any broken gadget in our home, our first instinct is to attempt to fix it on our own. After all, it is indeed much cheaper and faster to do that. You might find materials in your home that can fix something in the meantime just in case you don’t have the time to worry about it properly yet.

Time is money, it will also take time to call for professional services, not to mention the worry it will cost you as you wait for them and have no assurance that they’ll even do the job properly.

Property owners will fail to realize that attempting to fix something on their own could create greater damages that will cost even more to repair in the future. Any bandaid solutions may cause them to forget about the issue and only have it bite them in the arse in the future should it fail again.

This is a common occurrence in the locksmith industry. People who aren’t properly trained in the trade will grab the nearest tool such as a drill as soon as their locks snag or get stuck in something. Sure, that may open their lock but it will ultimately render everything unusable afterwards.

Who knows, it could’ve been an issue that was easily fixable by a bump key but you opted to break the lock overall.

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