Bent But Not Broken

“Bent but not broken,” that’s what most property owners say when they notice the slightest error present on their door locks. They will deny damage when it saves them money and it’s still “operable” anyway.

This isn’t the right move, every professional in the field will advise you to immediately contact your local locksmith. It’s easy to ignore problems when they come up but it’ll come bite you in the shins later on. Smaller scratches and bends, although not necessarily a problem for now, they will manifest greater issues that ill be harder to ignore in the future.

Take our featured image as an example. Technically, bent door gearboxes and frames can simply be bent back to their original position. However, this error means that there are underlying problems a non-professional isn’t able to realize at first glance

When this happens to you, make sure you contact the best locksmith in the city, Easy Locks NI. Our locksmiths can come to your location in just a few minutes and diagnose the problem properly without any unnecessary costs for you. We have our customers’ safety in mind at all times and we’d love to see folks in the area staying safe and happy in their properties.

For any security-related inquiry, feel free to contact us anytime at Easy Locks NI and we’ll gladly help you out. If this intrigues you, you may look through our highly informative website, read through our posts on our GMB Page, or scan the reviews that we’ve posted on our Facebook Page. Contact us now!

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