Broken Foundations

Whenever you seek any repair for something, it needs to be relatively structured to justify the cost and effort the repair will take. What’s the point of repairing a shoe’s side if the sole is gone? Repairs take time and some cost a lot depending on the parts that are missing, consider a replacement if you think it’s done its course already.

Door lock repair and installation need that same type of foundation as well. What’s the point in repairing a door’s lock if it flaked and broke from the inside just like in the featured photo? Sure, it’s possible just to nail or screw the detached pieces together, but they’re going to be much easier to pry open for any possible burglars in the future.

If you’re unsure of what decision you should make, contact our team of experienced professionals and they know exactly what to tell you. Besides being able to accurately and safely install your locks for you, they know what type of lock your new door may need too.

Mishaps in your door or establishment are inevitable, there’s no shame in that, and if it’s something that was caused by a potential crime, we’re more than happy to see your previous equipment was able to withstand it. We can repair after unfortunate incidents and give you advice on how to avoid it from happening again in the future.

You may check out our highly informative website, contact us through our email and contact numbers, or view our countless reviews posted by our satisfied customers.

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