Innovative Methods

If you’ve spend a significant portion of your life focusing o a specific skill or craft that you want to perfect, you’ll eventually develop skills that weren’t necessarily taught to you. Passion towards an activity leads you to develop habits and techniques that works well for your specific personality and mannerisms.

When it comes to getting door locks and handles installations, locksmiths are incredibly familiar with the basics that are taught to them in workshops and classes. However, those that have spent months or even years in the industry are a lot more familiar with the tips and tricks that work with their services.

Just like our featured image, it’s a lot uncommon than some think to directly trace over a taped set of door lock and handles. It’s easy, and often recommended for beginners, to measure the lock and then apply those measurements on the door. Although this works just as well, directly taping the set before markers are placed helps the owner visualize the final product better and its easier to fix without the hassle of leftover marks on the door and doorframe. In the end, this depends on the skill of the locksmith you’ve chosen to trust.

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