Safe Relocation

It’s usual for locksmiths to get called to a location to replace locks in a property after its new owners or tenants arrive and settle in. Naturally, they want to feel safe in their new property and we’d love to help out. It’s unusual for customers to bring their locks to where they’re moving, it makes the most sense to just get new locks.

While this is true, there are still a lot of security-related items that customers will opt to bring with them when it’s time for them to move to a different property. This includes locks, alarms, and safes as long as they still function and provide security to the property. It’s easy to move the cameras and alarms. Just collect the necessary cables and make sure everything has a place in their moving boxes. It’s a whole other conversation when they need to relocate an entire safe.

They may consider leaving the contents inside or moving them separately. Either way, depending on what they’re made of, safes tend to be extremely heavy and difficult to handle. This is where locksmiths can help out.

As long as it is within the Belfast area, our locksmiths at Easy Locks NI would love to help you out. We can give you advice on where it is ideal in your new place to put the safe and if you want to upgrade the safe itself.

For any security-related inquiry, feel free to contact us anytime at Easy Locks NI and we’ll gladly help you out. If this intrigues you, you may look through our highly informative website, read through our posts on our GMB Page, or scan the reviews that we’ve posted on our Facebook Page. Contact us now!

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